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Hypnotising Eyes

31 December

Porcelain 磁器の人形

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20's, 50's, 70's, 80's, alcohol, androgyny, aphex twin, arts, ballerinas, barbies, bikini kill, biting & kissing, boas, boys, boys kissing boys, brian molko, cam whore, cameos, candy, candy necklace, care bears, cherries, chicks on speed, chiromancy, chocolate, clothes, colors, culture mania, david bowie, desde gayola, desing, drag queens, dresses, elliot smith, eye candy, eye-stuff, eyeliner, eyes, fags, fashion, fashion file, fischerspooner, flamingos, fotolog, franz ferdidand, girlish boys, girls, girls kissing girls, glam, glitter, grease, green day, hearts, hello kitty, high heels, horror, horrorpops, jack daniel's, jacob two-two, japanese, jem, jem and the hologram, kaiser chiefs, kill hannah, king adora, kinky, kitsch, kittens, kolya, le tigre, leopard print, leopards, lightnings, louis vuitton, make-up, mark ryden, mini skirts, muse, my little pony, my space, my vitrol, nerd kids, outrageous, pancy, pearls, penpals, photos, pink, pink grease, pirates, pj harvey, placebo, polka dots, porcelain, porcelain dolls, pretty boys, pretty girls, punk, pvc, queen, queen adreena, queer as folk, rachel stamp, ribbons, robots, scissor sisters, secrets, shoes, shopping, skinny boys, sleeping beauty, sonic youth, sparkles, stars, stefan olsdal, steven hewitt, stockings, stripes, t- rex, te, the clash, the distillers, the police, the venus in furs, tiaras, tigers, trash, trash palace, travel, unicorns, vampires, velvet goldmine, vintage, vinyl, viva la bam, vive la fête, vodka, whisky, wigs, zebra print, zornik